2000     Established Taipei office, GLOCOM, to export and expand overseas sales of PCBs for both Taiwan & China) factories, and deal 
with the PCBA business for the customers as well.        

2002     Formal operation for China Shenzhen factory in Apr.

2004     Setting up a new group charges with Metal parts, Cable & PCB Assembly as per customer's request, and using own brand
             “GLOCOM” to develop and expand the overseas business.     

2007     ISO 9001 Certified. (Taiwan Shulin factory)

2008     Production(Taiwan Shulin factory) transferred to new factory in Taoyuan.

             Certified with QC080000. LED Products Sales Department was established.

2011     ISO 14001 Certified. (Taiwan Taoyuan factory)

2014     A new business model of “Glocom alliance group” was managed to give customers the best delivery time, quality, and total cost 
            due to our offering of the right mix of our group factories, and active sourcing on the PCBs.

2015    TS16949 Certified. (Taiwan Taoyuan factory)

2016    Expand advanced capability for HDI (any layer), Blind/Buried vias, Countersink hole, copper fill plated, epoxy via plug, edge
            plated, controlled Impedance, and offer service from prototype quick turn to high volume production, which
            provide the customers a complete package service of “one-stop” PCB shop from PCB production, to the PCB assembly.

2017    Passed TÜV Taiwantrade Supplier Verification for two consecutive years. 

2018    Expands UL certification - use identical UL type for Taiwan and China facilities.

2019    Dun & Bradstreet Certified. 

            Improving the global representatives' distribution is one of the key tasks. Our marketing model is an agent (representative) in a 
            country to penetrate the brand in markets around the world, expanding global market service capabilities.

2020    Achieved the DUNS Certified and established new business relationship with Fermitron

2021    Renew the 2021 DUNS Certification. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we work from home, by setting up the VPN technology, to offer 
            continual service. 

2022    Due to the shortage of materials, and Russia's war in Ukraine, the soaring material price and gold price have become even worse, and

             furthermore, inflation has become more serious, but we still try to maintain the minimum increase and the fastest delivery time, so that

             customers will not be disconnected from production lines.

2023    Continue toward the 2023 DUNS Certification and focus on the development of smart technology life in the post pandemic era.