Blueprint for Sustainable Innovation
   GLOCOM's evolving vision expanded services beyond PCBs,
   becoming a holistic electronic solutions provider by 2006, 
   driven by sustainability and innovation. By 2012, we had  
   transformed into a global logistics behemoth, emphasizing
   streamlined cross-border operations while upholding our 
   reputation for integrity and efficiency. This commitment
   was driven by our passion for enhancing the core of our
   business: delivering top-tier PCBs with unmatched speed
   and precision.
 【Heritage of Excellence
   Since 2000, GLOCOM is known for PCB precision 
   and innovation. Initially connecting Glocom factories  
   to the USA and Europe, we expanded into telecom,
   automotive, medical, and consumer electronics.   
   Collaborations with giants like Tyco and Flextronics 
   prove our commitment to excellence. Our advanced   
   facilities in Taiwan, Shenzhen, and Shantou 
   strengthen our trailblazing status.  


  Strategic Foresight
   In 2014, GLOCOM embraced globalization, forming the
   GLOCOM ALLIANCE GROUP to forge strategic alliances
   With leading PCB manufacturers. This amplified purchasing  
   power and leveraged PCB expertise, benefiting clients with
   optimal delivery, superior quality, and cost-effective solutions.  
   Our vision: delivering unmatched value in an evolving