Founded in 2000, Glocom, is one of the fastest growing PCB producers, had its beginning in the exclusively overseas PCB business expanding of Taiwan Taoyuan factory to current Integrated PCB Producer in either China or Taiwan. Through our long experience and high competence, Integrated Producer means being able to lead the market in terms of expertise, quality of service, sustainability, technology etc. By refined logistical solutions, good supply chain management, and based locally, 
we are able to offer competitive terms, quality and delivery assurance that broaden your production possibilities.
Working from a single point of contact gives you access to all types of PCBs. Irrespective of location,
the Glocom Group supports all technical requirements from prototype through to volume. We strive to always deliver the right product at the right time and at the right price. We achieve this by working closely with both our customers and our factories.
Tyco, Flextronics, Parker…., the leading international companies, were our most important customers, and our primary PC boards are computer、telecommunications、fire protection、medical、surveillance monitoring、car equipment and electronic consumer products… etc. The manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan, Shenzhen, and Suzhou, China.
In 2006, with great customer’s supports and demands over the years, we have expanded our service to include the Metal parts, Cable & PCB assembly, and, as a matter of course, Glocom naturally develops itself towards a new brand to specifically offer and assist our customers such products, not just superiority in the PCB industry. In 2012, Glocom has expanded and become a global delivery organization to improve the cross-border operations, renowned for its integrity and expertise, and to provide customers a more professional, faster service experience, we fully focused on the development and expansion of the core product of PCBs.
As fast new opportunities with globalization are going on, and springing up for investment merger and strategic alliance, Glocom experienced this market environment vicissitude, sniffing the change, and then, in 2014, Glocom managed a new business model of Glocom group by forging a strategic alliance with PCB factories to create optimum conditions through its extensive purchasing power, and expertise in PCB production. This enabled Glocom to give customers the best possible terms regarding delivery time, quality and total cost due to our offering of the right mix of factories and active sourcing.
In 2016, to satisfy customers’ further demands, Glocom group must expand its capability and service to PCB design & PCBA again, which provide the customers a complete package service of “one stop” PCB shop from the start of PCB design, PCB production, to the PCB assembly.

Today, in addition to our core business, we also uphold and make greatest efforts in the "environmental protection, energy-saving, love the earth" business mission and social responsibility to devote ourselves to the total welfare of the community (society).



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